Fitness isn’t just for adults, but for kids too! Exercising for at least 60 minutes per day is recommended by the CDC in children ages 6 and up. Physical and cognitive development improve with regular exercise. There are 3 different types of exercise that are beneficial for both kids and adults.

Aerobic activity – the kind of exercise that gets the heart and lungs pumping! A majority of the 60 minutes of exercise should be of this type. Examples of aerobic activity that we do in CFE Kids and Teens are: running, biking, rowing, burpees, and jump roping.

Muscle strengthening – this type consists of body weight exercises. Adding resistance can make this type more challenging! Examples of muscle strengthening that we do in CFE Kids and Teens are: push-ups, sit-ups, air squat and handstands.

Weight-bearing exercise – this type of exercise is the best for helping kids and teens to build strong bones. We incorporate this type of exercise safely into all workouts! Examples of weight-bearing exercise that we do in CFE Kids and Teens are: box jumps, jump squats, deadlifts and goblet squats.

Regular exercise is the best way to improve overall brain and physical health in kids and teens! Ready to get your kids and teens moving? Check out our programs at CFE Fitness!

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